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Think Better. Move Better. Live Better.

Healthy Weight Coaching

F​or most people, maintaining a healthy weight is part and parcel to their image of their ideal self. It's tough to feel at your peak when you are carrying around an extra 20 or 100 pounds. If you are arriving at this page, it is probably because you have already given this topic considerable thought.

The research is in! The concepts of behaviour analysis underlie the most successful programs for losing (and maintaining) weight. Unfortunately, finding a coach well trained in behaviour theory and practice is not a given. As a Coach with a Masters degree (MPEd) in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of Western Ontario, who also happens to be a CanFit-Pro certified Fitness Instructor I help you lose weight and make significant lifestyle changes The Behaviour Way

Imagine what your life be like if you were able to lose and keep your weight in a healthy range? What would you be doing that you aren't doing now? What would change? Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to lose weight, but we can all agree that permanent weight loss is not easy. Keeping the weight off requires a well-designed plan.

A behaviour approach, like The Behaviour Way, allows individuals to gradually, and permanently, alter all kinds of behaviour. It is particularly vital to the success of those hoping to lose, and maintain, healthy weights.

When it comes to dieting, relying on willpower is not enough.

 This is where coaching can help.  

Let's face it, the reality of weight loss is any diet will work provided you follow it. There is no one specific diet or exercise regime that is best (despite what others will tell you). What works long-term relies heavily on behaviour analysis - shaping behaviour over time, giving feedback, learning strategies to combat cravings, managing our thoughts, and setting up environments where we aren't stimulated to eat the wrong foods.

These concepts are the cornerstone to my healthy weight program. No gimmicks, no special foods to buy, no insane work-out routines to follow. You will find only tried and true research supported behaviour change strategies here delivered by a professional and caring Coach.

Unlike many commercially available diets or clinics, I do not subscribe to a regimented dietary practice, nor do I offer you specific nutritional advice. Instead, your decision to lose unwanted weight permanently means that you must establish some new habits. In a nutshell, I help you make better general choices that will fit your lifestyle long term, and allow you to lose weight gradually and safely.

You will learn how your current behaviour is hampering your progress, and learn the tools and techniques that will allow you to achieve lasting success. Whether you've lost and regained weight dozens of times, or this is a completely new venture, we start from where you are right now, without judgement. Find out how this might look for you.