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Think Better. Move Better. Live Better.

Coaching The Behaviour Way

(and how it can change yo​ur life)

Not everyone arriving to this page will understand what The Behaviour Way, or the field of Behaviour Analysis* has to do with my style of coaching; I hope to clear up some of that mystery!

Number one, a behaviour approach like The Behaviour Way to Wellness Coaching can be used to successfully tackle all sorts of life challenges! If you're like most of us, you can probably already think of some behaviours that you do (or don't do) in your everyday life that could use some tweaking.The Behaviour Way simply refers to my theoretical background in Applied Behaviour Analysis and how I apply it to my coaching sessions. Using a variety of techniques derived from behaviour analysis* and behaviour change theory I help my clients achieve their goals in health, fitness, parenting, and life. While not a new approach in theory, it is only recently that the general public has started to recognize the magnitude of possibility a behaviour analytic approach can bring to solving the problems of everyday life.

For example, when considering wellness, most of us know that there are things that we should be doing like eating better, or exercising more to improve our health, but the reality is we often have a hard time making that happen. A behaviour change approach to wellness coaching helps you understand why you do what you do (like overeating) and understand why you don't do what you should do, or want to do (like being active). Basically it is an objective practical approach to understanding and changing the behaviours in your life that are getting in the way of you becoming the person you want to be.

Many people are surprised to learn just how many health and medical problems can be reduced or reversed by making corrections to unhealthy behavioural patterns. The magic of The Behaviour Way approach to Wellness Coaching lies in its ability to help people improve their fitness, health and happiness regardless of their physical limitations or disabilities. This is part of the reason why wellness coaching utilizing a behaviour approach is so effective at changing lives for the better. I start from where you are right now and take you to where you want to be! Ultimately, if it's important to you, we can work together to change it!

Perhaps less surprisingly, parenting is another domain that is well served by a behaviour approach. Common childhood behaviour issues such as hitting, whining, and sibling rivalry, that zap the joy out of parenting can often be solved by implementing a few simple behaviour change techniques. As a Coach with decades experience solving childhood behaviour concerns I can assure you, no problem is too big or to small for improvement. Sometimes even the smallest changes in your parenting plan can make an enormous difference to your overall enjoyment and feeling of success as a parent.

Finally, another important distinction between my version of Coaching, and those who don't use a behaviour analytic model is that with my brand of coaching you can be assured that the methods I use to help you eat better, exercise more, parent more effectively, or manage your time are based on scientific research and the direct observation and measurement of your problem areas in the environments where they actually occur. Through careful monitoring and ongoing assessment you will always know the progress you have made, and what parts of the program may not be working as well. Changes can be made as needed so that you never stop growing and working towards realizing your goals.

Ultimately, The Behaviour Way Wellness Coaching provides you with the tools you need to make healthy lasting changes that will last a lifetime. Habits, behavioural routine, and lifestyles do not develop overnight. They are built up over time through living. It is my goal for you to feel confident that you possess the skills to continue make lasting changes long after your coaching sessions are over.  

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* The practice of behaviour analysis expressly excludes psychological assessments for the purposes of diagnosis, psycho-educational assessments, speech therapy, occupational therapy, diagnosis of a mental or physical disorder, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, long-term counseling as treatment modalities, and any other treatment, therapy, or technique that does not meet the definition above