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Think Better. Move Better. Live Better.

Coaching Services

In office, online, or a bit of both. You choose 

Backed by science, a behaviour based therapy and/or coaching program like The Behaviour Way can help guide you towards what matters.

Whether you want to be a better parent, achieve a specific goal, or finally get around to losing that extra weight, enlisting the help of a coach who truly understands the science behind successful behaviour change will increase your odds of success.

Enjoy the flexibility of an online format, or attend sessions in office at The Gama Centre for Health and Longevity conveniently located in Central Aurora (One block from the Go Station).

Life Coaching

Feeling stuck or stagnant happens. We've all been there. Whether it's your work, personal relationships, or your fitness and health, we all have things about our present life situation that we would like to change.

Wellness and and Life Coaching can provide you with the perspective and tools you needs to take you from where you are now, to a happier, more fulfilled version of yourself. 

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Parent Coaching

As a mother and an expert in Behaviour Change Theory, Camilla coaches you through your most challenging parenting dilemmas using a proactive, solution based approach. Learn to tackle the most frustrating parenting problems such as hitting, whining, and tantrums like a pro. If it's a behaviour you can see, we can change it together. Find out how!​

If you are looking for behaviour support for your child diagnosed with autism, please click here.

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Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Feel like you are spinning your wheels, but going nowhere? Consider hiring a behaviour expert as your Weight Loss and Healthy Living Coach. It's time to take your dream of a healthier, more fit you past the starting block. Permanent weight loss is not about a specific diet, rather it's about making permanent changes to your daily routines and habits. As a Coach trained in Behaviour Change Theory, I teach the techniques you need to thwart another failed attempt, and maintain a long-term solution you can live with. 

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