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Think Better. Move Better. Live Better.

Transform your life The Behaviour Way


I wish all my clients were able to come to  face-to face coaching sessions,  but recognize that sometimes this is a challenge.  Distance, incompatible schedules, or cost, can all be factors which make  in-office visits unworkable.

The solution is e-mail coaching! It's also a great way to receive professional coaching at a fraction of the cost.

 E-mail coaching can help you stay on track by bridging the gap between your scheduled in-office appointments, or as a stand alone service where there are no in-office appointmentsYou will still be communicating with me directly, albeit in a different format.

Even though coaching does not take place face-to-face, the process is the same.  Your coaching support is individualized and geared uniquely to you in the same way as in in-office appointment would. Unlike larger commercial programs, all your responses come directly from me, not a computer or a junior staff member. You can also be assured your coaching is always  based solely on your individual needs and never from a pre-determined schedule. We start from wherever you are, and move forward from there.

Believe it or not, it's possible that you may find you are able provide more in-depth communication on a particular issue than you would in a standard 45- minute office appointment. Often times we can achieve greater clarity when we have space to allow our thoughts and  goals to unfold at their own pace.  An e-mail format allows time for your  feelings to unfold naturally.  Details can become more vivid, and some people may find expressing themselves in writing easier and more authentic than face-to-face.  On the practical side, email coaching can provide clients with a cost effective means receiving professional coaching, minus the overhead.

This isn't to say e-mail coaching is for everyone. It's not.  Enjoying, and communicating well in writing is paramount to those choosing this approach.  If this sounds like you,  this might be exactly what you seek.  


  • Keep  your motivation high with a hard copy of all sessions.  Never forget what was covered or next steps.  Review anytime!
  •  Maximum flexibility!  Whether you think best first thing in the morning, or late at night you choose when to write and read your responses.
  • The process is easy, and can be rather cathartic. Write what you really want to say with the knowledge that backspace and delete are always available options before you hit send. You will have as much time as you need to think.
  • No time constraints. Take your time to be as descriptive as you wish.  
  •  Budget friendly – Email plans are half the price of in-person or  phone/Skype sessions

*  stand alone email coaching sessions must be purchased in advance and purchased in blocks of 6.