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Think Better. Move Better. Live Better.


A new format as unique and individualized as the clients who choose it

Because Face-to-face coaching sessions may not work for everyone, I am pleased to offer a new solution...E-mail Coaching.

Understandably, there are many factors that can make in-office or virtual visits a challenge such as incompatible schedules, distance, personal preference, or cost. For this reason, I have decided to offer my clients a different option, and although not equivalent to an in-office or virtual appointment, E-mail coaching can offer many benefits beyond cost savings. In fact, if you are a person who enjoys and communicates well in writing, this may be an ideal coaching format for you.


Further, if you are someone who regularly writes in a journal, you may even find you are able to formulate your thoughts more clearly and with greater depth than you would in a standard 50 minute office appointment.  In many ways it's a bit like a Diary that writes you back, but more! Often times we are able to see our own situation with greater clarity when we allow our thoughts and goals to develop at their own pace. An e-mail format provides as much time as you need for your ideas to unfold naturally. Details can become more vivid, and some people may find expressing themselves in writing easier and more authentic than face-to-face.


Your e-mail coaching support will always be individualized and geared uniquely to you in the same way as in in-office appointment would. We work together collaboratively and set goals, targets, and progress indicators just as we would if meeting face-to-face, and unlike larger commercial programs, all responses come directly from me.

This isn't to say e-mail coaching is for everyone. It's not.  Enjoying, and communicating well in writing is paramount to those choosing this approach.  If this sounds like you,  this might be exactly what you seek.  


  • You will always have a hard copy of your responses on hand for reference to review any time!.  Never forget what was covered or next steps.  
  •  Maximum flexibility!   You choose when to write and read your responses based on when you think best.
  • The process is easy, and can be rather cathartic. Write what you really want to say with the knowledge that backspace and delete are always available options before you hit send. 
  • No time constraints. You may take as long as you like to write you emails.  
  •  Reduced Cost – Email plans are half the price of in-person or  phone/Zoom sessions

*  stand alone email coaching sessions must be purchased in advance and purchased in blocks of 6.